Let me be your private tour guide in Luxor

It appears you are looking for a private tour guide to visit Luxor and surroundings. Look no further. You found your man.

My name is Abdel Mougaud Sadeek Ahmad. But to keep things simple, just call me Abdul like everybody else does. I have 20 + years of experience as a private tour guide in Luxor and in the rest of Egypt. I know the trade inside out. In all honesty, I can tell you that hiring a private guide in Luxor holds many benefits. If only the fact that I will not drag you from one souvenir shop to another. Which is more or less standard practice with group excursions. The best news? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Now a bit about myself. I was born in Karnak around the 5th of January 1966. Why around? Because nobody really remembers and in those days the civil servants, who took care of this type of administration, were not too fussy about small details: such as an exact birth date…

private tour guide in luxor